Tickets, Events (events) all around us!

Events (events) are all around us. Every day, every moment, every place for different wallets and tastes. You just have to find them all together on a website. Stop searching from one place to another trying to find events, experiences, bookings and services.

The events all around foru2.meis a Multi-Usage Service Platform that enables visitors and organizers to benefit from an event, travel or any service in many ways!

We are all buyers and sellers in real life. Here too, in foru2.me these roles alternate. Buying or selling, or both!

Combine your vacation, business trip or even a day on foot with lots of happenings and things to do. Would not you like to have a full view of what to expect and the best of all, having pre-booked with special discounts and earnings points?

Why not help your customers, friends or family discover a great variety of things they can do while they are around your site? In this way they can combine many unforgettable experiences and at the same time be around you! So you are all happy!

Learn from a single platform the five W's: Who, what, when, where, why something happens locally or globally.


Extend your horizons by combining your stay with interesting and, most importantly, unforgettable events and experiences. You've come to the right place! That's it events all around foru2.me is the Supreme Platform. Buy or sell and earn points!

For the first time ... all Events (events - local or global) are in one place!

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Do you have a hotel? Rent easily and enter it in the section. «Bookings».

Run your business online through the extremely handy and powerful store management environment.

Try it, you have nothing to lose! You do not sell ... You do not pay!